Sunday, May 14, 2017

Voices from a Lovely Past

You come to me,
at the oddest of the places,
at the oddest of the times...

As I stand on the sidewalk outside of my class,
Looking up at the lovely blue sky
and then at the green grass,
You sneak up on me and rhetorically ask –
“Doesn’t Beauty lie in the eye of the Beholder?”

As I sit and stare,
Seeing strangers enjoying their heyday
You step up beside me and say,
“You look beautiful today!”

As I sit amongst my friends, all alone up in my head
You leant in and said,
“My dear, You are loved too!
So what does it matter,
If they are only a Few?”

As I read and prepare Marxism
You whisper in complete coherence,
“It would have been much easier, indeed.
But you must Try and try until you succeed.”

As I anxiously fiddle with my fingers and then with my phone
You firmly command, catching me off-guard,
“Chin up Sweet-heart,
Don’t let this world tear you apart!”
Oh! The voices from a lovely past...

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Your memories never fail to haunt and torment me,
As they often sneak up on me
In the oddest of the places, at the oddest of the times.
Try as I may
To escape and run away,
You can never go away.
For you are always in my head
Whether I am happy or I am sad.

Losing someone isn’t a one time thing –
It isn’t even a moment or an event,
Because it happens to you time and again
In the oddest of the places, at the oddest of the times,
It continues to haunt you over and over again...
Though this torment, nonetheless, reassures me
For how else would I know that you were real and once alive?

Yes, even on the sunniest days of my life
You creep up on me and in this idea I delight –
You were once real, mine and truly Alive.