Friday, April 28, 2017


This burning Desire
To play with fire,
will lead to my Demise...

I'm playing with fire,
this is my desperate Desire -
"To have and to hold
something ... Someone
whom I can call my very Own...
to have our own Estate,
in a Blissfully utopic state...

Indeed, a reckless Desire
to soar higher and Higher...
even when there may be a 
Mighty Fall -
Should've ended it - for once and for all.

Entirely abandoning my sane will,
my Heart Desires these cheap thrills,
Knowing fully well - 
that I will be the one
Extinguishing the Flame,
that you once had ignited
and then conveniently Left!
Knowing fully well -
That this Fire will consume everything
Leaving behind ash and nothing else...
No, not even a single cell.

Yet with what little I remain,
I Desire.. and continue to Stroke the Fire.

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