Wednesday, October 02, 2013


( In The Memory Of The Delhi Gang Rape Victim )

Every girl has some dreams about how a prince charming will come into her life & whisk her away on a white horse ( in present times, maybe in a BMW ? ) to the beautiful sunset & the will have their happily ever-after. 

But not all girls can dream that because my friends, in India, a place known for its rich heritage & cultural beliefs, a girl only has worries & tensions about her well being, not the usual fantasies. Where some girls are dreaming about their future aspirations, there are also girls who are trying to stay safe for just another day. Because in India, where great personalities like M.K Gandhi, Dayanand Saraswati & Rajiv Gandhi took birth, there are also men who abuse & rape the so called "Lakshmi" just for the fun of it.

Today, these heinous men have tainted our culture, our society & our country, which was earlier known for its morals & social etiquettes. My friends, the time has come when the bud is afraid to bloom, the caterpillar is afraid to become a butterfly, just because of these monsters who reside in the body of men who have nothing better to do than to molest the defenceless.

Shame on those men, but what about those who let those intolerable crime happen & let it go for a few green notes? Yes, what about the Govt.  ? What about the police,  "the public servants" ?  Moreover, what about our "moral society" where every person is only worried about the marriage of the girl rather than the physical & mental well being of the victim. No, the 1st question that pops in our mind is - who will marry this defiled girl?

This is the ugly truth of our very own "modern" India. On one hand, we try to act cool & follow the western countries but in the heart of our heart, we are the orthodox Indians who will always consider it taboo if a girl wears a mini skirt or shorts. Our mind is only restricted to this. 

We'll always blame the victim, we'll say - she was asking for it { why, because she wore a mini skirt ? } & at the end, when all is said & done, we'll also say- we are the modern & educated people of India. But are we really ?


  1. Shame on such a nation where daughtrs of mother India r unafe, where people carry indifferent attitudes, where peopl r jdgd by thier clothes and not by knowlege, where trust and faith have been carried away by gigantic tides of callousness.
    Ur article assimilates all the facts of shameless nation. Good work !! Keep writing .... !! All the best!!

  2. Keep on writing.....may b ur words do miracle ....which is rarely possible here...:(

  3. amazingly written.. superb expressions used.. a very exact question.. "Are we really educated & modern people of india?"

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  5. I personally don't know the answer to this, but its just a fact that Indians sometimes act like dumb driven cattle & hence they do follow the western culture.