Friday, October 11, 2013


Your body is gone, it went away
So still & calm on that day
You looked so lovely with that warm smile
Too sad, you could'nt stay with me awhile

I remember the good, I remember the bad
But all the way through, its you I always had
Through thick & thin, wear & tear
But now you 'll be with me only in prayer

It came too soon, It came too fast
How much time is in the future, & gone is the past
It seems you are gone forever, gone for good
But you'll always love me, you promised you would

So even though I cry, even though I sob
I know in the bottom of my heart
You'll always continue your job
To take care of me, the way no one else can 
From the moment it perished, from the moment it began

" I'll be there ", you whispered
I was too young to understand
Only now do I realize, when I hold your cold hand
That you were going to a foreign land

To love, To hold me, keep me from danger
Your only fear was, I would be a loveless stranger
But it could'nt be farther from the truth right now
For that to happen to you, I could'nt allow

We'll be together again, that's for sure
For my heart, that's the only known cure
All I can do now is cherish the time
When you & I were the perfect rhyme

That's the only reason why I can get through it
Because even for death, we would never split
So even though I wish you were with me
Its time to let you go, mommy,
& set you free...


  1. Dictionary fails to provide an appropriate word to appreciate ur creation. You are such a pure , serene nd true heart filled with symphonies of love and care. Keep writing. I love it.

  2. loved it... <3<3
    m speachless..

  3. Pratibha .. It is one of those very few poems that have affected me deeply ..!! Wish I could explain how.

  4. I just read this Pratibha. It is beautiful. Just like your mum was and you are.