Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Its often said that no matter what life goes on...
We come across a lot of difficult situations in life & we crib, we cry & when the right time comes we are relieved of our difficulties. At times, we aren't relieved but our attention is captivated by something more tough or amusing. We stop cribbing & go on with life.

Life at times can be quite complicated, we feel lost, sometimes we think, its the end of the world or at times we want the world to end at the very moment.

As they say, time is the best healer, we slowly try & reconcile with the situation. That's what life is all about. We won't get everything we wish for, a little adjustment, a little compromise, a little understanding are the ingredients of the delicious dish called life.
A person has 2 choices in front of him, whether he accepts the past & the present & move on or he can keep grumbling & cribbing about the past as well as the present & spoil the future. Whatever the situation is, good or bad, nothing lasts for long, so when its good, live it & well, when its bad, think ahead & move on. Enjoying & cherishing the little joys of life makes it worth living.

And if you are having a bad day, why don't we try to make it good ? Eat something you love, call a friend who'll cheer you up, listen to peppy & upbeat songs, ultimately, move ahead. 

Don't expect anything from others, if they meet your expectations then it'll be a pleasant surprise & if they don't, you won't be disappointed. Life is all about giving the best & expecting the unexpected - receiving a text from a long lost friend, finding the road without traffic, turning on the radio & finding your favourite song, having your choice of chocolate... such trivial things can add a new beauty to your life.  


  1. Thats so True. People unneccesiraly curse their fate for the slightest pretext. Instead of Living in the moment, They live in the fear of loosing it. Instead of Making the most of it, they make the least out of nowhere. And the biggest irony is that- Today we find ppl updating their status.. " miserable life, lost evrything , wanna die" via I-Phone 5S!! Lol... Little do they realise the essence of true liviing , of real Life!!

    Well crafted pratibha. The idea, presentation and words...all are extremely creative. We really need writers like you for a happy world.. good job as always :)

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