Sunday, March 15, 2015


and the hangover tonight
Let me be a dreamer, a philosopher, a mourner…
Let me fade away into the dark of the night
Let me float away into the uninhibited azure sky…
Just tonight,
Let me connect to my real self 
Let me have a taste of my soul…
(Oh! Do you call that death?)
But what lovely death would that be
When I would die to live the true me…

Let me be a sadist, a masochist, a pessimist,
For I want to think of unthinkable things
The taboo things
The deviant things…

Let me revel in sadness
As they say melancholy is the real happiness…
Thinking the unthinkable,
Imagining the unimaginable… gives me a unique pleasure,
                                                                  And freedom…. And some pain,
                                                                                                With no restrain.
They tell me,
This is not the age to act like a sage,
This is not the time for my spiritual rhyme.
But how do I explain, that it is a boon & a bane,
To muse over & over again.

So tonight,
Let me drown, or let me fade away, or let me fly high…
For a night like this, mayn’t arrive ever
& I mayn’t take this unattainable flight.

Let me get intoxicated,
No, not on some insalubrious alcohol
Neither on some vintage wine…
But let me get inebriated to soar high 
On the wings of my imagination,
Of wakefulness & sleep
Of life & death
Of karma and rebirth
Of soul and dreams…

So tonight… just this night,
Let me be me…
Let me sleep and dream and Connect
And let me Live my death!
For tomorrow, I’ll let practicality catch-up
And in the dark light of the next day,
I’ll wake up again for my soul’s demise
And forget about tonight’s hangover
And the talks I had with my inner conscience
And the flights of imagination I took…
I’ll forget them all, I will.
Because I’ll die,
that will quieten my soul’s voice.
And I’ll forget about tonight… forget about the life I'll live, the time I'll spend with myself, connecting….
Because I’ll be waking up for the dark & sleepy world again,
That might even call me silly and vain,
And I’ll accept all that in that world of mundane,

But not tonight...
For tonight,
I WILL BE a traveller,
A wanderer,
…. A dreamer.

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  1. Very well written. Just couldn't get enough of it! Keep up the good work. :)